Book Corner: The Body – A Guide For Occupants

The more I learn about these spectacularly complex meat suits we are gifted with, the more I realise I still do not know.

Reading The Body: A Guide For Occupants by Bill Bryson opens up yet more doors on the amazing inner world of the human body. Packed full of fun facts and powered by Bryson’s infectious enthusiasm, this book has made my inner anatomy & physiology nerd very happy indeed. He also has an amazing ability to make complex systems and concepts completely relatable and interesting to anyone who doesn’t know anything about the body, beyond the fact that they have one.

Beginning with a costing of all the raw materials necessary to build one’s own Benedict Cumberbatch – £44 300 for the carbon alone, if you are interested – Bryson’s wry style illuminates the subject in a whole new way. I strongly recommend purchasing the audio book version too. He has a great voice and his gentle humour shines through as he takes you on a journey around yourself.

I was left with a real sense of wonder of my body, together with an increased feeling of gratitude and protectiveness of it.