What if I said I had a medicine that would keep you calm but alert? That would relax and energise you? That would help you recover, boost your immune system, lower the oxidative stress that causes ageing,  power you up and fuel every cell in your body from your frazzled brain to your taxed muscles? You’d say, “Give it to me,” right? Well, here it is. And no side effects. Take it everyday – doctor’s orders.

Dr Belisa Vranich, Breathe

What is Breathwork?

‘Breathwork’ refers to methods of taking conscious control of our breathing patterns to bring about changes in the body and mind. There are many techniques and each has a specific effect. Some have been have been used for centuries as a means of improving physical, mental, and emotional health.

How Can Breathwork Help Me?

Breathwork offers a simple means to influence your own health and wellbeing. Benefits of just a few minutes’ regular practice a day can include improvements in the following: 

  • anxiety
  • sleep
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • respiratory function
  • asthma
  • immune function
  • feelings of relaxation and well-being
  • athletic performance

… to name but a few.

How Can I Learn Breathwork With You?

I offer a choice of one-to-one coaching and group classes, conducted via Zoom. You can also combine this work with the benefits of Remedial Thai Bodywork by booking a Body & Breath session.

Self study programs for specific conditions such as sleep and anxiety will also be available later this year, as will occasional in-person events in the vicinity of our premises in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Why Learn Breathwork With Me?

My background in multiple therapeutic disciplines allows me to bring many different tools to my breathwork teaching, with experience spanning four decades. Together we will explore your breath, cultivating habits that restore more natural function. The work we do together is further boosted by an ever-growing library of resources, including videos and audio recordings to aid your practice between sessions. 

The Anatomy of Peace: A Poem

Breathwork FAQ (Coming Soon)

Breathwork Research (Coming Soon)


Online via Zoom (click here for requirements)


1st Consultation (60mins) £50

Follow up Sessions (30mins) £40

Access to online resources included.