Client Dashboard: New Items Added

I am pleased to say that the client dashboard now includes a much requested feature, and the developers have really done themselves proud.

The Profile tab has been completely redesigned to include both appointment and workshop bookings that you have made. It is now possible to view their status and manage them when necessary. It is all clearly laid out and incredibly easy to use. We hope you like it!

Other Changes

New books have been added to the Reading section.

We also have a new section in the Resources area! We live in an incredible time where we have these tremendously powerful little devices at our fingertips. There is a lot of focus on how harmful smartphones can be, which if used a certain way is absolutely true. But what if you could turn them into your own personal wellbeing coach? Our Apps section includes the products that we personally use to stay on track. From meditation to habit tracking to even help to put down your smartphone and do something else, there is something here to help. As with all our resources, these are constantly being added to as we discover new items.

So, my lovely bunch of clients, why not log in and check the additions for yourself? If it has been a while and you have forgotten how, this post contains all the info you need.