New Look Epsom Salts Service!

A bowl of Epsom salts as supplied by Thai Yoga Massage Hitchin

Over the lockdown period, an old favourite became an even more important part of the routine of some of our clients, as they worked on their self care.

It is no secret that Jade and I love Epsom salt baths and know how beneficial they can be for sore and aching muscles. We began stocking them for clients several years ago, but over the last year we have refined the service to meet lockdown needs, with great results!

To go with the existing online ordering, we established a great contact free system for the collection of shop orders that also allows people to easily return their empty salts bags for laundering and reuse.

From there we trialled a loyalty scheme that rewards the return of used bags. It proved so successful that we are now ready to make it available more widely.

To celebrate reopening for treatments next week, we have a special ‘welcome back’ gift for new and returning clients alike: 1kg of salts free! Follow up your first Thai Bodywork treatment in months with a soothing bath (we recommend just before bed for best results) to minimise any post treatment tenderness, aid further relaxation and help with sleep.

You don’t have to wait for a treatment to get Epsom salts though – simply order below.