Lockdown Update

Online classes teaching self care techniques based on Thai Yoga Massage

A message for clients with upcoming appointments:

Since the announcement of a national lockdown last week, I am staying closed for all in-person treatments once again until further notice.

I have wrestled with various emotions over the past few days – principally a lot of sadness and frustration that we are at this point again. However, we are where we are and it is essential that we all do our part in dealing with this thing once and for all. For now that means staying safe at home and practicing social distancing. With any luck, it won’t be too long before treatments can resume.

The website will be live again from next week with a bunch of new online resources added to those already available. I may not be able to get my hands (and feet, knees and elbows!) on you for a while, but I am still here to help if you need it. If you have not signed up to our newsletter already, I strongly recommend that you do so to stay updated:

As soon as I can resume in-person appointments, I will be in touch with each of you individually to reschedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe, stay well and be kind to each other. We will see you very soon, online or otherwise. x