New Lockdown Service For Existing Clients

If you have had a Thai Bodywork treatment with me in the last 2 years, this is for you – and it’s FREE!

Something I am noticing in my current online interactions, whether it be in classes or during consults is that many people are struggling with this latest lockdown in ways that they didn’t the first or second time around. I totally get it. Less daylight, cold, wet weather and the grinding away of mental and emotional resources almost a year into a pandemic are taking their toll and placing a strain on our normal go-to mental health strategies.

I want to help as many of my lovely clients as I can, even if in a small way, so for the remainder of lockdown I am adding a Client Check In to the existing online services already on offer.

This 15 minute Zoom session is your time to ask a question, troubleshoot a physical niggle or quite simply touch base for a sanity-saving chat.

You will need to log in to your client dashboard to book, so if it has been a while and you have forgotten your login details, get in touch via the live chat button below and Jade or I will help you out.