Self Massage & Mobilise Classes: New Schedule

I am really enjoying our online self care classes!

Showing people how they can take care of themselves, often in ways they had never thought of before is wonderful enough, but I have the added benefits of practicing extreme self care while I teach. What’s not to love?

After some great feedback from attendees I have made some small tweaks to the format and some timetable changes to make them even more accessible and useful:

Revised Class Timetable


  • 5pm Spine & Pelvis
  • 6pm Shoulders, Chest, Neck & Head
  • 7pm Spine & Pelvis


  • 5pm Legs
  • 6pm Feet & Ankles
  • 7pm Shoulders, Chest, Neck & Head

And if you are an existing client, we have some amazing news for you! Check out this post for more information. See you online!