Online Consultations

Develop tools to build and support your self care in the comfort of your home. Ana draws on a quarter of a century in practice and a broad toolkit of therapeutic approaches to accompany you on this exciting and most important of journeys.

Learn techniques that will help you to

  • Ease joint and muscle stiffness
  • Improve range of movement
  • Develop habits of emotional and mental resilience
  • Cultivate a more caring relationship with yourself

Sessions can include

  • self massage techniques
  • range of movement exercises
  • targeted stretching
  • general nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • mindfulness techniques
  • guided processes to transform physical or emotional discomfort or release non-useful patterns of thinking

Consultations are tailored to your requirements and are designed to either be used in isolation or as a complement to our Thai Bodywork treatments


Online via Skype or Zoom

So useful!

I have been seeing Ana for a Thai massage every week for several years and she literally keeps me moving. I was worried about losing all the progress I have made during the lockdown, but Ana has shown me ways to stay on top of things until my treatments can resume. My lower back is out of spasm for the first time since this thing started! Thank you Ana, looking forward to our next session!

Steven G

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