Remedial Thai Bodywork (Thai Yoga Massage)

What is Remedial Thai Bodywork?

RTB is a unique fusion of traditional Thai Massage and modern sports & remedial massage techniques. It differs from other forms of massage therapies in that no oils are used and the client remains fully clothed. Treatments are given on a floor mat or futon as opposed to a massage couch.

(You can find a brief potted history of traditional Thai Bodywork here.)

A combination of myofacial techniques, passive range of movement exercises and stretches are used to treat congestion and fibrous tissue in the muscles and joints, release tension and encourage normal function and healthy energy flow in the body. Ana draws upon her sports & remedial training to further maximise the benefits.

The result is an invigorating ‘workout’ of the soft tissues and joints.

How will I feel after a treatment?

Clients report feeling looser, relaxed and energised. Regular treatments can produce many benefits, including

  • increased flexibility
  • less injury
  • increased energy and feelings of well-being
  • improved recovery and performance


Location: Hitchin, Hertfordshire

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